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Fidelity Investments is the sole custodian; each investor receives statements directly from Fidelity. VIA IV's role is to compose the portfolios and never has access to investor funds. VIA IV investors are mailed monthly statements and can access their Fidelity accounts online at anytime.

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Your investment horizon
should guide your decision.
For VIA IV portfolio
performance history (net
of advisor fees)
dating back to 1999,
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Our approach is
straightforward. Advisory
fees range from an annual
.5% to .9%, among the lowest
in the industry.


Fidelity Investments, LLC and
TD Ameritrade are the custodian
for all monies invested Via Four.
An investor will have an individual
account created in his or her name.
Via Four never takes custody
of any investment funds.


VIA IV Investments, LLC is
registered with the Securities
and Exchange Commission
(SEC) and is authorized
to do business throughout
the United States.