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Every VIA IV portfolio is designed and diversified to minimize volatility and provide overall risk-adjusted returns superior to investment in any single asset class. Public equity markets are very efficient: they are unpredictable over the short term, but steadily increase in predictability over time. Risk and return are related. Thus broad global diversification, along with balanced asset allocation, determines the success of an investment model. Historical benchmarks show that: 1) structured asset class managed returns consistently exceed the results of “stock picking” over time; 2) small cap equities offer higher expected returns than large cap equities; and 3) “value” equities provide expected returns superior to growth stocks. Different asset classes perform differently at different times – exactly which classes, and when, cannot be predicted. Diversification therefore is essential. One must be invested at all times to participate fully in market returns.

Timing Doesn't Work

Picking “hot stocks,” by
definition, does not offer
uniform returns. In fact
only 17% of those who follow
this strategy beat the market
after 10 years. Index-based
investing, both commercial and
private, has been empirically
and repeatedly shown to
provide consistently superior
returns over time.

Trust Market Prices

Markets reflect the vast,
complex network
of information, expectations
and human behavior. These
forces drive prices to “equilibrium”
value. Because everyone has
access to the same information,
it is difficult, if not impossible,
to choose stocks that will outperform
the market with any degree
of consistency.

A Disciplined Approach

History shows that to build
wealth, you must look beyond the
concerns of today and invest long-term.
The only way to fully benefit from
market returns is to be fully invested
100% of the time. Those who are
currently “killing it” by timing the market, “get killed” in the race that matters — the long run.

Diversify Globally

The great Nobel laureate
Harry Markowitz
called diversification one of
the economic world’s rare
“free lunches.” It provides risk
reduction without
a corresponding dwindling
of returns.