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VIA IV Investments will help you achieve superior returns over the long run (at least five years). Period.

Through global diversification, our approach mitigates long-term risk and helps protect investors from: 1) inflation (if you stuffed your mattress with $1 million in 1970 it would be worth $180,000 today), 2) the erosive compounding effect of high fees, 3) and themselves (and the natural tendency to chase fleeting trends).

Einstein called compound interest – the exponential multiplier effect of interest earning interest – “the greatest invention of all time.” But the trouble is, compounding can operate in reverse too. For investors, this happens when a portfolio under-peforms and is saddled with unnecessarily high advisory and recurring fees – thus making poor performance exponentially costlier. Even a single percentage-point difference in performance can be shockingly dramatic. This impact is further compounded with the inevitable volatility of “market timing” approaches. We aim for sustained, reliable returns. Decades of academic and private studies have repeatedly confirmed the practical wisdom of astute, disciplined investors: diversified index management (reflecting markets as a whole), over time, has never been challenged by the allure of market timing.

“Invest wisely, live well.” We practice what we preach – VIA IV’s founders and managers personally invest in these portfolios.